The Journal by Robin Eichele
Work Box: A 50th Anniversary Collection (sold out)
The Vortex of Ezra Pound & Charles Olson
The 12 Commandments by Ed Sanders
The New Sound of Sound by Magdalene Sinclair
James Semark and John Sinclair Book Beat
Detroit Amsterdam Junction by James Semark
Change detroit artists workshop Leni Sinclair
A Statement by Archie Shepp
East Village Other John Sinclair
The Christ of Marijuana by Ed Sanders
Change detroit artists workshop Leni Sinclair
Change / 1 [1965]
Charles Olson, by Jonathan Williams, Black Mountain College, 1953
Olson’s Universe
The Wild One: The True Story of Iggy Pop -a review by John Sinclair
Helmut Newton’s Eros by George Tysh
The KIller Up! -liner notes by John Sinclair
Harold McKinney Interview by James Semark
James Semark: A Second Chance