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Motor City Underground: Leni Sinclair Photographs 1963-1978
More than a decade in the making, Motor City Underground: The Photography of Leni Sinclair 1963-1978 is the first major monograph to span the career of this legendary Detroit area photographer. Leni Sinclair’s life history is woven into the happenings, politics, and music of Detroit culture from the 1960s, 70s, and beyond. → read more
Exhibition of the Artists Workshop in London
The Artists Workshop has been invited to display a selection of its archives at the Horse Hospital, a non-profit museum and public space in London that celebrates underground and avant-garde culture. The Workshop exhibition will open on April 29th, and continue through May, 2016. This is the first time the Workshop archive → read more
James Semark Memorial with Robert Thibodeau
James Semark (1940-2010) memorial held at Book Beat 5.04.11: James Semark Memorial Robert Thibodeau was a friend to James Semark and is the owner of the Mayflower Bookshop. → read more
Roots & Branches; DAW Exhibition at CCS
Roots & Branches: The 50th Anniversary of the Detroit Artists’ Workshop The short-lived Red Door Gallery (1963-64) and Detroit Artists’ Workshop Society (1964-1966), were the first serious alternative, DIY, avant-garde and co-op galleries to exist in Detroit. Red Door gallery directors Geroge Tysh and Carl Schurer introduced avant-garde concepts through performances by → read more
The Detroit Artists Workshop: a 50th Anniversary
Events Celebrating the Artists’ Workshop For Immediate Release The Detroit Artists Workshop: Roots and Branches a 50th Anniversary Celebration                      All Events are Free and Open to the Public: Sponsored by MOCAD, Mike Kelley’s Mobile Homestead, the DAW, The Scarab Club, College for → read more
The New DAW Website is an extension of the former website (2004-2012) which was edited and designed by James Semark. Many parts of the original website are included here, alongside newer articles, artworks and publications from original sources of the DAW —its colleagues and influences. Semark had a manic energy and devotion: he wanted → read more