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The New DAW Website is an extension of the former website (2004-2012) which was edited and designed by James Semark. Many parts of the original website are included here, alongside newer articles, artworks and publications from original sources of the DAW —its colleagues and influences. Semark had a manic energy and devotion: he wanted → read more
DAW 50th Anniversary celebration
The Detroit Artists Workshop was founded at 1252 West Forest in Detroit on November 1, 1964 and moved after fire destroyed the original premises in May 1965 to a storefront at 4865 John C. Lodge where the Artists Workshop Press was established next door at 4867 John C. Lodge. We will commemorate → read more
White Panther: The Legacy of John Sinclair
john sinclair poetry
A short film by CHARLES SHAW featuring JOHN SINCLAIR Music by Thelonius Monk, Roy Harper & Jimmy Page, Jello Biafra & Mojo Nixon, Phil Ochs, Frijid Pink, Commander Cody, The Up   “I’m here to tell you that apathy isn’t it. And we can all do something if we try.” John → read more
DAW 40th Reunion- Photos by Brita Brooks
Detroit Workshop 40th anniversary booklet
Brita Brooks was on the 40th anniversary planning committee and shared these photos from the events.    → read more
DAW 40th Reunion – Press
→ read more