John Sinclair updates

A peoples memorial is being planned at MOCAD art museum in Detroit on April 9, we will try and post an update soon. Love and Blessings to the Sinclair family and family of friends world wide!

Renowned Michigan activist, poet John Sinclair dies at 82

John Sinclair (1941-2024)


John Lennon read “The Entrapment of John Sinclair,” and decided to do something about Sinclair’s very very unjust sentence, “Ten Years for Two Joints.”–Ed Sanders, The Entrapment of John Sinclair.

Long before social media’s instant impact, Sinclair helped spawn the pointedly politicized alternative newspaper movement as a fast fount of information about the “underground,” as the counterculture was termed at the time, with Detroit publications such as Fifth Estate (which still exists), the Ann Arbor Sun, the Detroit Artists Workshop Press and its offshoot Work Magazine. Later in life, he worked as a spoken-word performer and recording artist with an eye toward what he called “jazz poetry,” recording more than 30 albums with different band names, including the Blues Scholars which included his longtime friend Wayne Kramer, the MC5 guitarist and cofounder who passed away in February this year.

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