Work Box: A 50th Anniversary Collection (sold out)

All contents of the Work Box are contained in a heavy duty cardboard box.

All contents are contained in a heavy duty 3x9x12″ cardboard book box.

The Work Box: A Commemorative Collection from the Detroit Artists’ Workshop.

MOCAD, Mike Kelley’s Mobile Homestead and the Detroit Artists’ Workshop present WORK BOX: a collection of book reprints, interviews, postcards and artifacts from the Detroit Artists’ Workshop. WORK BOX is available in a limited numbered edition of 125 copies and was made in conjunction with the exhibition; Roots & Branches: The 50th Anniversary of the Detroit Artists Workshop (1964-2014) now on display at Mike Kelley’s Mobile Homestead (the house behind MOCAD). The hours of the Mobile Homestead are Friday-Sunday 11 am- 5 pm. The exhibition continues until January 4th, 2015.

The Work Box honors living and past members of Workshop, who pioneered the first avant-garde collective in the city of Detroit, founded on Nov. 1st, 1964.  More information on the exhibition at: MOCAD Press Release and more info on the DAW at:

Booklets, stickers and postcards from Work Box

Booklets, stickers and postcards from Work Box


Sit Up Straight by George Tysh is the poet’s first collection, printed in 1965, with a frontispiece drawing by Eizo Nishiura, printed now in an edition of 150 copies.

The Book of Humors by James Semark is a collection of concrete poems, observations and reviews by Semark with illustrations by Larry Weiner. This was Semark’s first collection originally printed in 1965. This new edition is printed in an edition 200 copies.

The Book of Ruins by Robin Eichele is the poet’s first collection from 1965. It is illustrated in runes drawn by the author and reprinted in an edition of 150 copies.

Common Ground & Mother & Child; two poems by Bill Harris were first printed in a catalog for Gallery 7 in 1971, they are reprinted with a photo of Bill Harris by Leni Sinclair in an edition of 125 copies.

Meditations by John Sinclair was originally printed by the Artists Workshop Press in 1967, this edition contains a different cover photo and was printed by the Book Beat in 2007 on the 40th anniversary of John Coltrane’s death, in an edition of 500.

The Realization of Peyotemind and After by John Sinclair was based on a 1963 student journal of Sinclair’s first psychedelic experience, and was published by The Book Beat Gallery/ The End is Here in 2002 in an edition of 500.

The Poem for Warner Stringfellow by John Sinclair is a letter/poem written to the Detroit police detective responsible for his arrest on marijuana charges. It was first published in 1966 by the AWS press, this new printing is in an edition of 150 copies.

The Fugs Songbook! by the Fugs is a collection of songs edited and first published by Ed Sanders in 1965. This copy is based on the 1967 AWS press fundraiser edition, and is published in 2014 in an edition of 200 copies.

Revolutionary Letters by Diane di Prima is based on the 1968 AWS press edition dedicated to Bob Dylan and is printed in an edition of 125 copies.

Growing Up and Being Serious in Detroit is an 11 page interview with Charles Moore and Robin Eichele, recorded in Los Angeles, 2004, by Cary Loren, transcribed in 2014 with three photos by Leni Sinclair, printed in an edition of 125 copies.

Objects from Work Box

Objects from Work Box


The Detroit Artists Workshop 50 Collection CD-R is edited by James Semark and John Sinclair. There are 8 tracks of vintage recordings from the Detroit Contemporary 4, The Workshop Music Ensemble, Bob Marsh, Ted Lucas, the Lyman Woodard Ensemble. Liner notes by John Sinclair and James Semark, produced in an edition of 125 copies.

Live at the Detroit Institute of Arts DVD is a video recording from James Semark’s collection. The DVD features the Artists Workshop Ensemble in concert with Lyman Woodard, Larry Nozero, Danny Spencer, John Dana and Ron English. Poetry read by John Sinclair. The Video was recorded at the 2004 DAW anniversary concert held in the Rivera Courtyard at the DIA. Produced in an edition of 125 copies.

Peyotemind by John Sinclair with Monster Island – CD was released in 2002 and is a live recorded version of Sinclair’s peyote influenced poem from 1963 and includes his LSD inspired ‘Monk in Orbit’, recorded live at the Detroit Contemporary gallery in 2001.


Poetry is Revolution poster published by Guerrilla Magazine, NYC, 1968, reprinted in an edition of 125 copies

Alternative Press Bumper Stickers: Blame God by Diane di Prima, and Defund the Right by Ed Sanders, edition of 125 copies. Reprinted with permission from the AP.

5 Designs by Gary Grimshaw: Sun Ra/ MC5 postcard, Jimi Hendrix postcard, cover of Work #4, Hindu Sun deity, Magic Veil business card., edition of 150. Reprinted with permission from the estate of Gary Grimshaw.

Make Noise Not War – postcard/cartoon by Rob Tyner, edition of 150, reprinted with permission from the estate of Rob Tyner.

Two photo postcards by Leni Sinclair; John Coltrane abstraction, and Martyr Medger Evers (March on Washington, 1963), edition of 150

7 Postcard portfolio by Carl Schurer; portraits of Diane di Prima, Amiri Baraka, Ed Sanders, William S. Burroughs, Charles Moore, Allen Ginsberg and Robert Creeley.

Assorted Flyers, Manifestos & Announcements for the ‘Festival of People’ Aug., 7th, 1966. A collection of 19 other flyers including artworks by Gary Grimshaw, Robin Summers, Eizo Nishiura exhibition at the Red Door gallery, Stephen Ligosky, Chuck Logan, Stanley Mouse, The Manifesto of the Artists Workshop Society, A Proposal to the People of Detroit, New Music programs, Free University of Detroit, Youth International Party press release and others.

Work Box has a hand-numbered colophon listing the contents, and was edited by Cary Loren with support from the staff at MOCAD. Copies of the WORK BOX are now sold out.