Seasonal Spices by Robin Eichele

Seasonal Spices

“Basking.” What a bizarre word to

come to mind

just out of March in Michigan –

akin to “bath” as in “taking a bath”

on investments made on spring

being the kind of thing

that has any predictability.

The odds that a bask

was in the cards this week

were long on dreaming.

The book was shorter on straight-

line winds, tornadoes, thunder

storms and three-inch hailstones.

Big enough to annihilate your car, your

house, and your dog if you were

not paying attention and now must

live with the consequences

of your neglect.

Give me ten on basking for the last day

of May with a two-day spread at twenty-

to-one. And give me ten on rain on

half the days from today to

the fourth of July at two-to-one.

And give me the address of that shelter again.

I feel a run coming on.

I have to get me a new dog.

                                                                Robin Eichele

                                                                April 2015