Robin Eichele


Poet, filmmaker, printer and co-founder Detroit Artists Workshop, the AWS press and editor of the Monteith Journal. Robin Eichleay publishes his poetry under the name Robin Eichele.

“I have been writing poetry as long as I can remember, which is more than a few years. I have published here and there and have read my works at various venues in Michigan, Toronto, New York, California, and London. Your comments and feedback are always welcome. I can be reached at and on Twitter @PoetEichele. I have a free ebook available, “Sleeping with Dolphins, Selected Poems 2009. Send me an email request and I will reply with the pdf file. The book includes an audio recording of each poem and a short impressionistic video. – Robin Eichele

A little piece based on my periodic REM ruptures:

The Visitor

You arrived
In the fracture
Of the false dawn
Fully fletched
And launched
With the bitter bile
Of gangster
The gunshots
The sirens
Blocks away and
The strings of my
Paralyzed instrument
Black on black
In my heart and
Outside the window
The murmurs
The huff and ache
Through the temples
Desperate for morning

Robin Eichele – Michigan 2014

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