Robin Eichele: cocktails


hello, I said
you can’t afford me, she said
emotionally, physically or financially? I asked
pick one, she answered

emotionally, I responded, you will rip
my heart out and leave me
physically, you will exhaust me
to where I become debilitated by disease
and die an anguished death
financially, you will take
every dollar I have or ever will have

pretty close, she said

and if I am willing to pay all those tolls?
I asked
then, she said, you must be… deliberately, she
did not finish

the unspoken twisted
into the air
the hiss faintly audible
of the invisible

how about a drink? I asked
do you have a gun? she asked
no, I said
pity, she said

Robin Eichele, 2009

© 2010 Robin Eichele