Robin Eichele

"I have been writing poetry as long as I can remember, which is more than a few years. I have published here and there and have read my works at various venues in Michigan, Toronto, New York, California, and London. Your comments and feedback are always welcome. I can be reached at and on Twitter @PoetEichele. I have a free ebook available, "Sleeping with Dolphins, Selected Poems 2009. Send me an email request and I will reply with the pdf file. The book includes an audio recording of each poem and a short impressionistic video. - Robin Eichele

Ron English

Jazz guitarist Ron English has enjoyed a long and varied music career, with roots wide and deep in blues, Broadway, bebop, avant-garde, funk, Motown and gospel. Ron began playing standards for dances and receptions around his native Lansing, where his father was a well-known guitar teacher. He then graduated to a roadhouse jazz and blues mix, playing with drummer Bud Spangler and Jackson tenor man Benny Poole and various organ trios. At this time, he also met and worked with Lyman Woodard, his long time employer and collaborator. Along the way, Ron contributed the guitar solo on a classic blues rock “nugget,” the Woolies’ 1967 cover of Bo Diddley’s Who Do You Love?

Gary Grimshaw

“There is a long history of artists making music the subject matter of their work,” Grimshaw told Mojo in 1997. “It’s difficult because you’re trying to make a picture of something that can’t be seen. But it’s even more difficult for musicians, because when they perform it dissipates into the air and is gone. Just to get to the point where they can make a record, it takes years of all this energy disappearing as soon as it’s made. Whereas everything a graphic artist does he can hold in his hands. That’s why serving the music has always seemed honorable to me.”

Bill Harris

Bill Harris' life story, his artistic work, and his ongoing community involvement have revolved around and deeply enriched the region," says Rip Rapson, president of the Kresge Foundation. "Through his writings, he has touched us and the nation at large."

Harris laid much of the foundation for his 40-year literary career in Detroit, where he attended Cass Tech High School and Highland Park Community College before earning his undergraduate and graduate degrees from Wayne State University in the 1970s.

Iggy Pop: the John Peel lecture, annotated

In his first public lecture Iggy Pop covers broad topics on creating art, his own history and the music business. It should be required reading (or listening) for anyone making music or art a career choice. Filled with good practical advice and a positive swipe at this boring juncture in time — as a sincere […]