John Sinclair: I Talk to the Spirits

I Talk with the Spirits 
after Rahsaan Roland Kirk
The hand of John Coltrane
seems never to have stopped
guiding his family, 
says Leonard Feather,
quoting Alice McLeod Coltrane
in the Los Angeles Times, July 25, 1982:
Just two or three years ago
there was a definite conver-
stion with him,
while I was in a meditative state,
on the subject of life
after death, & living
in the particular existence
that he’s in. I noticed
that he did have an instrument 
it looked something
like a soprano, but much
& larger & he was
quite absorbed
with looking at its structure.
I asked him, Do you think
about Earth life?  He said,
not much.  I said,
Do you consider
that you might prefer
living on Earth
as opposed to your life
in the afterlife?  & he said,
I wouldn t prefer
living on Earth.  So I said,
Really? Not with all
the acceptance, the
recognition, the fame? 
His reply was, I prefer
the Spirit
to the way
on Earth  
August 1982

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